The People We Help

Back in Shape Chiropractic provides safe, effective care to people of all ages.

Our patients include:

Small business employees:

Do you work for a small company without chiropractic coverage? Ask the doctors at Back in Shape about Back In Shape's Health Benefit Program, specially designed to provide a low-cost supplement to conventional medical coverage.

Victims of car accidents or work-related injuries:

Whether you suffer from impact injuries, nervous system disorders, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back in Shape can guide you through a structured and effective rehabilitation program. We strive to stabilize your condition quickly, manage pain, and help you achieve a full recovery.

Injured athletes:

Whether you're aching to get back in the saddle or out on the court, chiropractic care is a key step toward recovery. Our expertise includes extensive training and experience in athletic rehabilitation.

Newcomers to fitness:

Studies have confirmed that it is never too late to benefit from exercise and stretching. If you've just joined a gym for the first time or would like to incorporate fitness into your life at home, Back in Shape's personalized training programs will help you meet your goals.


Helping you remain 100% functional is Back in Shape's business. Chiropractic care has been proven effective for treatment for conditions including pain, misalignment, stiffness, tingling and numbness. If you suffer from chronic pain or need assistance recovering from an injury, contact Back in Shape today to learn how we can help you.

Health Benefit Program

Back In Shape Chiropractic Health Benefit Program

Back in Shape Chiropractic's Health Benefit Program is based on a commitment to quality chiropractic care for everyone. You can receive high-quality care for only a few dollars more than a regular insurance plan co-payment!

If your present health insurance program limits or omits chiropractic care, contact us to find out more about the program. Key components of Health Benefit include:

  • Chiropractic care at a reduced fee schedule
  • Zero cost to the employer
  • No contracts to sign
  • A membership card indicating your company's participation in group savings


From Vince F., San Mateo:

"Dr. Anthony is the best in the Biz. In July I had a bad case of sciatica with a bulging disc and herniated disc. I had a numbness feeling from my right thigh all the way down to my toes. I was out of work for 1 Month. He worked on me 3 days a week and within 2 1/2 weeks I was back to work. Within 1 month, the numbness was gone. Kaiser Hospital was trying to push surgery, Dr. Anthony told me to wait and I'm glad I did. This guy is the real deal and has a good sense of humor too. Highly recommended!! Plenty of free Parking."

From Mikey P., San Francisco:

"I went to see Dr. Anthony this morning and my back and shoulders feel great! I had some muscle tension and back stiffness that resulted from a lifting strain. He went through a thorough review of my medical history and as well as a point by point investigation of my current discomfort and a short time later I walked out feeling 100% better. I couldn't be happier."

From Kate S., Hillsborough:

"I recently moved from San Francisco and went looking for a chiropractor. After visits in different Millbrae and San Mateo offices I found Dr. Anthony. I have had some on-going lower back and neck issues with headaches for years. Even after my first visit I felt much better. I know longer have neck pain or headaches. Additionally, the lower back problem I've had that no other chiropractor was able to fix - he fixed! Parking is a cinch and his offices are very clean and professional (more than I can say for some of the other chiropractors I visited). Dr. Anthony has a great personality and is always punctual and thorough. I never have to wait and he never rushes his treatments. In addition to all of this, he has a lot of experience working on pregnant women (I am one such woman). Over the last month he has been able to reduce some of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Go see him!"

From Teri R., Foster City:

“I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony for two years now. When I first started going I had chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. Since I have been getting Chiropractic treatment, I feel like my back and muscle pains have improved substantially. Dr. Anthony is a great doctor! With Dr. Anthony’s chiropractic techniques my energy levels have increase. Pain has decreased and I am feeling so good again. He is an awesome Dr.”

From Janet G., Kensington, MD:

“Dr. Anthony came to my rescue last week while I was on business travel in San Mateo. I was very skeptical of finding a doctor on the other side of the country, but he had so many positive reviews on Yelp, I decided to call him.

I had a terrible, long, uncomfortable flight from DC to Cali, and lifted a very heavy suitcase in my hotel room, wrenching my back and causing severe pain and a headache. I went to him after two days of agony, and I felt much better after the first visit. I went back three days later, and flew home that day pain-free.

Dr. Anthony is thorough, caring, gentle, and very professional. He saw me at my appointment time, and took his time to learn what was bothering me. He has exceptional bedside manner. I recommended him to a coworker who also injured his back, and he echoed my sentiments. This doctor is the best. I just wish I could convince him to move to Maryland!!!

Go see Dr. Anthony if you have back pain. He will help you. Tell him a grateful Marylander sent you. :o)”

From Corbie K., San Carlos:

“After ignoring back pain related to pregnancy and childbirth for 10 months, I woke up on a Saturday morning immobilized, found Dr. Anthony and despite already having a busy day, he worked me in and gave me instant relief. He listened to me describe the problem, did a quick assessment and knew exactly what I need. In 30 minutes, my pain was significantly reduced and I will be happily returning for follow-ups as I’m sure he will be able to return my back to its pre-baby health. Dr. Anthony is a kind and thorough listener with a gift for healing and I’m glad I found him!”

Anthony P., San Mateo:

“I’ve been going to Dr. Anthony’s for about 3 months. I hyper-extended my back in jiu jitsu and hurt my shoulder from a combination of jiu jitsu and my labor-heavy job. After therapy, first from 3 times a week, gradually working down to once every other week, I can confirm that my lower back is in better shape than ever! My shoulder is still a work in progress, since it is a long-time injury in such a complex area, but it is easily in a better way now than three months ago.

Dr. Anthony is super friendly and very personable, and he really wants you to get better. I’ve been to chiropractors that get you in and get you out before you know what’s going on, but that’s not the case with Dr. Anthony. He’ll take the time to talk to you and treat you the best he can, and I alwaysfeel that I’m getting the most from every visit. Highest recommendation!

From Melinda B., San Mateo:

“I went to Dr. Anthony for some help after a bad car accident. He helped as much as he could. I ended up needing more massage therapy than adjustments. But he did as much as he could and was always very polite. In fact, he was very patient as I needed to wait for a settlement from my auto insurance for paying him. He was never pushy and always had a wonderful bedside manner. I would use him again.”

From Paul A., San Mateo:

“I’ve been seeing Doctor Anthony for over three years. I would have to say that he is the best Chiropractor I have ever used. I have suffered from back, minor shoulder, hand and foot issues for the majority of my life. He is very honest and thorough with his consultations. I highly recommend him and I have been sending several of my friends to him and they are equally satisfied. I have always felt very comfortable with Dr. Anthony. Dr. Anthony has brought great joy back to my BACK.”

From Maria H., Redwood City:

“Dr. Anthony is very knowledgeable about the human body and has done wonders for my back and arm that was injured in a recent car accident. His pleasant manner and patience in explaining what procedure/treatment is doing helps set one’s mind at ease. His friendly and personal touch makes the visit so enjoyable as well as healing. He also has referred me to his team of masseuse, acupuncturist and Thai massage treatment team has also added to my stress free lifestyle and I am encouraged to maintain a much healthier lifestyle.”

From Beverly P., San Bruno:

“Dr. Nguyen is AMAZING! I got into a car accident and he fixed my back in no time. When I had issues with the insurance company he spoke with them and assisted in mediating with it. He has his clients best interest and love what he does. I can’t stress how thankful I am to have been his client as I’m sure no other chiropractor would have gone out of the way to assist his client the way Dr. Nguyen does. If you seeking to get the best chiropractic care with someone knows what he’s doing …This is the guy to go to!”